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Parallel Lines


The Irby is a classic men’s clothier.  We specialize in curating men’s accessories to suit most any occasion.  Zoom call?  Teams meeting?  Let us provide you with Personal style pieces to complete your professional image.


We specialize in limited addition men’s accessories.  We  blend traditional with trendy, classic with chic, standards with swagger to provide our clients an alternative to overexposed off-the-shelf brands.   

The Irby offers individual neckties, cuff links, tie pins, lapel art and many other custom curated items to add personality to any client. 

We offer wedding and event packages, created and curated especially for your special moments. 

We also offer a select collection of executive packages curated especially for you or your loved ones. Each package is curated with a pairing of all the personal favorites, all the vibes that encompasses the receiver.  This collection of personalized stylings are encased in an Irby signature brief case.  Our Executive Packages are a great gift for anyone who appreciates style. 

The most exclusive of our offerings is the Wardrobe Renovation, an in-home, stylist-led custom curation of your current fashion items. Why buy new suits when you can re-accessorize them for a fresh, newly-transformed look? The Wardrobe Renovation is a concierge level service that rejuvenates even the most mundane attire.  


This is The Irby. The process is simple.  We scour the world to find the very best in stylish, high quality, men’s goods.  Then we curate those items to create handsomely crafted high fashion collections for the discriminating client.  A seductively subdued tie to accentuate your night on the town. A colorful patterned handkerchief to match your festive mood.   A nice piece of lapel art to solidify your style.   Whatever the occasion, the Irby can add that special something to your styling statement.  

And it’s just that;  YOUR statement. 

That’s the Irby. 

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