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 Curated for a Man by a Women

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New Arrivals
Fall Fashion

Neck tie ties near me gray tie
Bowtie black tie suit navy tie silver tie maroon tie navy tie
Handkerchief emerald green tie
Pocket squares formal suits
Tie silk ties brown tie gold tie
Mens formal orange tie bow tie
Mens formal dress Mens scarf
Black tie tie one on yellow tie
Bow tie gold tie tie a bow tie
Bolo tie sage green tie
Windsor knot purple tie tie shop
Tie a tie red bow tie blue bow tie
Mens ties cowboy tie gold tie
Half Windsor black bow tie Burberry tie semi formal Mens wear mo’s bows blue tie black tie
White tie tie tack pink bow tie
Tie knots sliding knot a tie bow
Red tie different tie knot formal
Blue tie full Windsor tiebar Mens formal attire green tie shirt and tie pink tie Burberry tie gold bow tie burnt orange

Our Offerings



The Irby brand is a classic clothier that specializes in unique and uncanny accessories for the fashion forward individual. We provide limited edition items that sit on the cutting edge of fashion. The Irby has collaborated with some of the industry’s best and most sought after artists and designers to curate a collection of these limited edition classic items. By offering only a small number of each item, we ensure the uniqueness of your personal style brand. The Irby is the definition of style. By blending traditional with trendy, classic with chic, standards with swagger, The Irby brand gives its clients an alternative to overexposed off-the-shelf brands.  The Irby offers neckties, tie pins, lapel art and many other custom curated items to add personality to any one’s wardrobe.