The Solo

The Solo


The Solo Package includes 1 Tie/Bowtie, 1 handkerchief, 1 piece of lapel art, 1 pair of cufflinks, and sock.

  • Special curation instructions

    Congratulations on your selection.All that's left to do is provide some information so that your package can be personalized for you or your special someone. 

    If it is for a special someone or a particular occasion, please state that occasion in the appropriate box below.

  • Package Payment

    A 50% deposit is required on all packages. The remaining balance is due prior to delivery. Use the coupon code: SoloDEPOSIT at checkout to submit your deposit.

  • Shipping Considerations

    Please keep in mind that shipping is calculated after the completion of the package curation. The shipping team will reach out to you for exact shipping cost.